All of the programs utilize a behavioral change method called cognitive behavioral training. For each session in every course*, you will watch short videos and take quizzes in between them. There are occasionally written or thought exercises you will be asked to complete during a session. After every session, you are strongly encouraged to complete the Assignments & Reading Material as soon as possible - they are an essential component in all of the courses.

It is recommended that you watch your video session the day it is scheduled. If you cannot attend on that day, the session will be open and available to take any day after the scheduled date. Please note, taking the course after the scheduled date will push all other scheduled dates out. 

Note: For LivingLean, LivingSmart and LivingFree - Watch the introduction to the course. It will explain everything you need to know to get started.

*LivingFit requires you to log your daily minutes walked and does not contain quizzes. Once you have logged 9 weeks of activity the course is completed. You are given 12 weeks to complete this goal.